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Melissa Dlugolecki

Coaching & Consulting

Create the business and life of your dreams, regardless of your circumstances.


So glad that you are here. Trust it’s not a coincidence. Really nothing is.


I’ve spent the last decade supporting people to level up in their personal and professional lives through both strategic approaches and mindset shifts.

I do not believe in "just thinking positive" nor do I believe in "trying harder".
After losing my daughter Leyden, "trying harder" and "just thinking positive" were
no longer going to work in my life. And were a result of societal programming that
things have to be a certain way, it's only about effort and positivity. The death 
of my daughter taught me to let go of "should", channel my limited energy and
efforts effectively and to let go of the toxic positivity that can fill our world. 

While still on a mission to move forward. 

As a former educator, I felt trapped by the politics, paperwork and constricting
schedule of the education system. So I took my years of teaching, combined it 
with my study of psychology, business, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and more, 
and created ways for people to grow in their businesses and lives,
in a different way.

Remember just because something is not broken doesn't mean it's optimized.
And just because we don't know where or how to start, doesn't mean we
shouldn't do so.
And waiting for the timing to be "perfect" will keep us stuck.


After building a 7-figure business, traveling the world, building a top 3% globally ranked podcast, publishing a book and coaching thousands of individuals, I have found one thing to be true for all of us…. 


We have the power to create whatever we want. And there are certain processes and strategies effective in doing so. It’s not just a “think positive” method or a “go harder” approach. I intertwine a dance of intangibles around our energy management with tangibles such as action steps, communication strategies and ways to feel our best. 

And we aren't meant to do it on our own.

My style fuses direct communication, solution-oriented thinking and authentic supports. Everyone's goals, pasts and needs differ- so should your action plans.


You can read more about how to work with me, about my daughter Leyden and
my grief journey and some stories of the badass humans I have worked with, on this site.

Glad you found your way here, welcome, and thanks for sharing this journey with me


Melissa Dlugolecki.


For 0-6k/month Entrepreneurs


Build Your Foundation

My signature course designed for coaches, consultants and service providers looking to build the foundation to scale. This will teach you how sales is not a business strategy, the 5-aspects of a business, where to start, how to map out your messaging, marketing and price your offers. From there we dive deeper into monthly strategy setting, sales, identifying KPI's and more. 90DAYCEO is built on weekly coaching calls, course content and community support and collaborations.

For 10k+/month Entrepreneurs


Private Coaching/Consulting

Let's go deep! I work with clients 1:1 in both regular or on-tim consulting capacties. The depth of work allows us to create massive transformation and strategy around your unique needs, goals and challenges. These limited number of individuals have regular calls and/or on-site visits plus text message access for support.

For Entrepreneurs Seeking Time Freedom


The Lab: Outsourcing & Scaling Support

Did you know you are likely the bottleneck in your own business? Yea, most of my clients didn't. Which is why after helping one client after another outsource work to a Virtual Assistant, I saw the headaches they faced with knowing who to hire, training on systems and more. Which is why I created the LAB. High level support, by staff trained by me and my support in hiring, training and overseeing execution. Whether you are ready to hand off creating social media content, sending emails, tracking payments, or pulling your monthly data and KPI's, my Team is hand selected and hand trained, to help you do just that. Read more on the site about the services we offer.

Work With Me

Thank you LA WEEKLY for choosing me as one of the top 11 female entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2023!


​Honored to have partnered with featured in:


Client Results (Don't Just Take My Word For It)

"I 10x'd my business through my time working with Melissa, if you are waiting or a sign- THIS IS IT!

Don't hesitate to work with this amazing human who is a rare blend of a hug and a kick in the butt!"

“I’ve been looking for a new job for years and I was about to give up. I know that it’s ME doing the work, but it’s from your coaching that I was able to position myself to be in the career I love. I did it! Thank you!”

“In just three months we created systems, processes and strategies that generated a 50K month. I feel so clear in where I am going with my business and how to get there.

Thank you for your magic, Melissa! ”

“I trust Melissa to guide me to lean into my discomfort.  She doesn’t look for quick fixes - she looks to help me achieve large goals by helping me visualize how I can take steps week by week to achieve my goals in my journey.”

"Buyer Beware: Anyone considering working with Melissa should be warned that she is a manifesting Unicorn.

Be ready for the universe to rain down upon you."

"Melissa transformed me from keeping afloat in my life and in my business, to having total time and financial freedom. I have 6X my revenue, have a TEAM working for me (who would have thought!) and more time to spend with my friends and family. If I had known the results I would create in working with Melissa I would have started sooner and invested double!" 

"The intimacy of the one-on-one coaching dynamic with Melissa allows me to dig so much deeper. I have never had someone call me out on my bullshit while making me feel so safe and seen. Thank you.  The best way I can put it is to say that Melissa has changed my life, thank you. Anyone. considering working with her, it will be the best decision you have ever made. And know that she is committed to your truth, not people-pleasing you!!!" 

"Melissa took me from working IN the business working ON the business.

This means I am now the actual CEO of my business not just someone who gets paid for my services. She is a strategy wizard and helped me identify the very things stopping me from growing. The best part is on top of all the business skills she has, she focuses on the human aspect first- and makes sure my mind is functioning optimally because without that, I wouldn't be able to grow. Thank you Melissa!"



Let's assess where you are at, where you are going and see what is standing in your way.

You'll explore opportunities to work with me or learn about other resources that could support you, if we aren't the perfect fit.

Connecting is a way of being!And to be honest, I do not just offer my programs to anyone who wants to purchase online, that is not how I have built or want to build.

I have to be clear in your goals, your style and your needs- and I will always be honest if I can support you. From there, neither of us can lose!


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